Canada’s ferocious wildfire season has burned nearly 10 million acres and displaced more than 20,000 people. Many have been able to return home, but others are still stranded away from their communities.

Federal and provincial governments have pledged to match donations to the Canadian Red Cross for those affected by wildfires in Nova Scotia, Alberta and the Northwest Territories, raising more than $32 million in total so far.

Other fund-raising efforts have popped up from Canadian figures, such as Shawn Mendes, who released a song on Friday that he wrote this week in response to the wildfires. He said that he, too, would be making donation to the Red Cross.

Here are ways to help:

  • The Canadian Red Cross: Every $1 donated to the Canadian Red Cross will become $3 to support those affected by wildfires. The funds will be directed to people living in Nova Scotia and other Atlantic provinces, some of the hardest hit areas, for immediate and ongoing relief and recovery efforts as well as community preparedness initiatives.

  • United Way: The Canadian federal government joined the government of the Northwest Territories in a similar matching program to support disaster relief and recovery efforts. The funds will be used to support nonprofit community groups who are helping local residents.

  • Donate a Mask: This volunteer-run charity ships free N95-equivalent masks to anyone in Canada who requests them, with priority to Canadians who cannot afford or do not have access to high-quality masks.

  • Firefighters Without Borders: This Ontario-based nonprofit donates equipment and training to communities across Canada and in other countries.

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