On His Podcast ‘Wine and Hip Hop,’ Jermaine Stone Aims to Bridge Cultures

Listen to This Article For more audio journalism and storytelling, download New York Times Audio, a new iOS app available for news subscribers. Jermaine Stone’s first exposure to wine occurred by happenstance, when he took a job in the warehouse of …

Trump Turns to a Familiar Playbook in Effort to Undermine Documents Inquiry

The former president is stepping up efforts to delegitimize the investigation into his handling of classified material after leaving office, a tactic he has used throughout his career in business and politics.

Kherson is hit by Russian shelling hours after a Zelensky visit.

Russian forces shelled the flood-stricken city of Kherson on Thursday, striking close to an evacuation point, only hours after President Volodymyr Zelensky visited the city to witness the aftermath of the destruction of a dam on the Dnipro River …

From Energy Drinks to Extending Life? Supplement Slows Aging in Mice and Monkeys

Taurine helped stave off death in laboratory animals, but researchers cautioned that the supplement is not a magic elixir.