In Norway, the Electric Vehicle Future Has Already Arrived

Listen to This Article For more audio journalism and storytelling, download New York Times Audio, a new iOS app available for news subscribers. BAMBLE, Norway — About 110 miles south of Oslo, along a highway lined with pine and birch trees, a shiny …

Prosecuting Florida’s Migrant Flights Would Face Legal Hurdles

Legal questions have been raised about migrant flights Florida chartered to Sacramento and Martha’s Vineyard. But state officials say they were voluntary, and proving otherwise could be tough.

Russia and Saudi Arabia’s Oil Partnership Shows Strain

Analysts said the countries’ mutual need to keep energy prices high would help them maintain close ties, despite signs that Moscow has undercut previous deals.

A Religious Charter School Faces Pushback From the Charter School Movement Itself

A Catholic school, newly approved in Oklahoma, is testing the bounds of what it means to be a charter — uncomfortably so for some leaders.

Two Trump Lawyers Quit a Day After His Indictment

The lawyers, James Trusty and John Rowley, left the former president’s defense team as he faces the most serious legal threat of his career.

Suspect in French Alps stabbing attack has been charged with attempted murder

French judges on Saturday handed preliminary charges of attempted murder to a man suspected of stabbing four young children and two adults in a French Alps park, an attack that reverberated across France and beyond.

French firefighters set to battle Canadian fires that could last ‘all summer’

Two days after arriving in Quebec to assist their Canadian colleagues in the fight against the historic fires that are ravaging the country, French civil protection firefighters and rescue workers are working on operational preparation.

As Assad’s Isolation Lifts, Syrian Refugees Fear Pressure to Return Home

Arab countries re-establishing diplomatic ties with Syria are making repatriation of Syrian refugees a top priority. “Even if they shoot me, I won’t go back,” a refugee in Lebanon said.

The Art of Reusing Plastic

The artists Beverly Barkat and Germane Barnes play with discarded plastic — including bottles, cups and printer cartridges — to explore the possibilities of reinventing waste.

Armed Guard Is Charged With Raping a Migrant at a Federal Building

The guard, Jimmy Solano-Arias, forced a migrant, who was waiting to file an asylum application, to perform oral sex on him, federal prosecutors said.