The Ukrainian military says its troops have recaptured the village of Blagodatne in the Donetsk region – sharing footage it says shows soldiers installing their country’s flag on top of a building.

The 68th Jaeger Brigade ‘Oleksa Dovbush’ shared footage it said showed soldiers installing their country’s flag on top of a building.

In a statement, the brigade also reported that a number of Russian troops were captured.

The Russian Defense Ministry on Sunday released footage which it claimed shows the “destruction of Ukrainian Armed Forces convoy of military vehicles by attack drones”.

“The UAV operators detected the movement of a column of heavy military vehicles and armoured vehicles of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The convoy was targeted by UAVs. As a result, all heavy military vehicles and armoured vehicles were destroyed,” the video description reads.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on Saturday signed a decree according to which all “volunteer detachments” will be required to sign a contract with the Ministry of Defense before July 1 “in order to increase the effectiveness of their use.”

“This will give volunteer units the necessary legal status, create common approaches to organizing comprehensive support and fulfilling their tasks,” said Deputy Defense Minister Nikolay Pankov.

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